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Academic Programs and Planning is located on the third floor of the Cal Poly Kennedy Library and is committed to promoting student success across the university.

Our Mission

Located on the third floor of the Kennedy Library, Academic Programs and Planning (APP) is committed to promoting student success and maintains a list of 105 policies that support students every step of the way.

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A Cal Poly student overlooks the campus from atop Poly Canyon and reaches triumphantly into the air

1 University - 109 Programs

It's no secret that Cal Poly offers a remarkable education. What might not be as well-known is that the APP performs regular, thorough reviews to keep the Cal Poly standard of excellence across the university.

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Members of Cal Poly's faculty participate in an assessment workshop.

University-Wide Assessment

Are our students learning what we want them to learn? APP works diligently to assess student learning so that we continue to offer a diverse, innovative, and renowned education.

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Welcome to the Cal Poly Office for Academic Programs and Planning!

The Office of Academic Programs and Planning (APP) plays an essential role in promoting student success and providing an exceptional education at Cal Poly. We are committed to promoting student success by partnering with faculty and staff, sharing governance with the Academic Senate, and engaging with campus leaders in strategic academic planning. 

In particular, APP provides guidance and support for each of the university’s academic programs, which for 2018-19 include 66 undergraduate degree programs, 42 graduate degree programs, as well as operational aspects of the General Education program.

Cal Poly has 66 undergraduate programs, 42 graduate programs, and a General Education program with 72 units.

To accomplish our goals, we facilitate academic planning for new and existing degree programs; manage the WASC accreditation and program-review process for all of Cal Poly's academic programs; direct the assessment efforts of student learning; oversee the university's Instructionally Related Activities program; implement system-wide, California State University initiatives; and produce reports to complete all of our accountability requirements.

Additionally, Academic Programs and Planning oversees these departments and programs:

  1. Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (
  2. International, Graduate, and Extended Education (
  3. Office of the Registrar (
  4. Service Learning (
  5. University Advising (
  6. University Honors Program (
  7. University Writing and Rhetoric Center (

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